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Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts

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Color Family: Red

Dip Powder Type: Foil

Description: Sheer, jelly coverage red based nail dip powder with red foils. NOTE: these foils will bleed with dip and gel liquids. For best results, work quickly with them and try to apply the base coat with very few strokes for minimal bleeding. Encapsulate in clear (Clara) for best results. The pictured swatch has 2 layers of dip powder and is photographed in natural lighting.

Uses: 1 tsp sample jars are enough for 3-5 full manicures. 0.25oz jars are enough for 7-10 full manicures. This all depends on standard nail length and the amount of layers applied.

 These nail dip powders are best applied with these manicure tools.

Dip Powder Application Instructions

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