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4 Easy Tips to Applying Terrazzo Dip Powders

Terrazzo dip powders are unique. They help elevate any manicure, and are so easy to use! However, there is a learning curve to getting the best results. Here are the 4 tips to a perfect terrazzo dip powder manicure:


1. Swipe The Fluffy Powder With a Flat Object

The only tricky part when using chunky dips is that sometimes the base powder is really fluffy, and it settles on top of the flakes, making it difficult for them to adhere to the nail. One way to combat this is to gently swipe a flat object over the top of the powder. This helps reveal the flakes that were hiding under all the fluff, and gives you a better idea of where each flake is going to place on your nail. It's that simple!

2.  Lay Your Nail Flat Into The Powder

Out of all the different methods to apply dip powder, the best way to apply a Terrazzo dip powder is by laying your finger flat, versus dipping your finger at a 45 degree angle or pouring over. Laying your nail flat into the powder ensures that the flakes get pushed on to the nail and stay on. Like all glitter dip powders, you may want to hand place a few pieces to fill in any gaps. I always recommend at least 2 layers of dip powder to ensure strength and coverage. 

3. Pat Your Nail With Your Finger After Each Dip

After dipping your nail in the powder, press the flakes down with your index finger. You can either use your own bare finger, the smooth side of tape, or a small baggie to press it down. I personally prefer to use my own bare finger. If you notice any sticky liquid left on your nail, dip back into the powder so the powder absorbs onto your nail. Doing this will help all of the matte flakes lay flat and make your filing and buffing much easier. 

4. Skip The Encapsulation 

Yes, you read that right! The best way to get the terrazzo look is to skip the clear dip powder encapsulation step. Instead, use a thin coat of base liquid instead (this will prevent the activator from getting contaminated with the pigment color). Then activate, file and buff, and finish with your top coat of choice. This method is better because it is easier to file and buff, and the flakes all look perfectly flat, just like a true terrazzo piece of art! 

 If you made it this far and followed these steps, share in our Community Facebook Group. We would love to see the results!


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