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French Kiss

French Kiss

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Color Family: White


Dip Powder Type: Solid

Description: A true French white, full coverage nail dip powder. It is the perfect french tip for a french manicure. The pictured swatch has 2 layers of dip powder and is photographed in natural lighting.

Uses: 1 tsp sample jars are enough for 3-5 full manicures. 0.25oz jars are enough for 7-10 full manicures. This all depends on standard nail length and the amount of layers applied.

 These nail dip powders are best applied with these manicure tools.

Dip Powder Application Instructions

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Customer Reviews

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Tips to avoid yellowing

The white color is stunning but after one day I noticed it starts to turn yellow. I reached out to Chelsea and she offered the following tips to avoid any discoloration!

From Chelsea: The products I use to create the dip powders are non-yellowing formulas, but unfortunately with different liquids, yellowing may still occur.

There are a few reasons why the yellowing occurs:

-Some gel top coats will yellow faster than others in the sun or tanning beds. I personally use the Aimeili No Wipe Gel Top Coat for my manicures sometimes and have had no issues. It has been my favorite gel top coat so far.

-If you are using the gel method with dip powder (using gel base and curing instead of dip base coat) will turn the powders yellow much faster as well

-If your dip liquids have been used for a while, it can cause your activator to absorb some of the pigments, resulting in staining in your manicure. This one was a personal discovery of mine a few years ago, when I noticed the base coat and activator I was using looked cloudy.

-If you apply a product on to your skin like sunscreen, or some lotions and makeup will interact with your top coat and cause discoloration as well.

Odorless liquids also have a reputation of yellowing as well, although I don't think the Azure brand has an odorless dip liquids line at the moment.

Contamination occurs unfortunately, and the best solution is to keep a back up set of liquids just in case.


I love the color and fact that it covers in just two coats